Create, modify, customize and deploy Vonage AI's virtual agents

The Agents tab allows you to create, modify, customize and deploy Vonage AI's virtual agents. Agents are presented in a chart view, allowing you to easily access the desired agent and get key information about it in a glance.

Each Vonage AI account can include an unlimited amount of agents, so you can create multiple experiences under one unified account.

To create your first virtual agent, click on the “Create New Agent” button on the top right side of the screen.

Create A New Agent

Once you’ve clicked the button, a new window will open prompting you to start filling in the basic settings for your agent. In this window, you can fill in the following information:

Agent name

You can give your agent a unique name that will reflect its purpose. The name doesn’t need to be a real human name, as it is meant for your eyes only.

Time Zone

Choose the time zone that your agent will operate. For example, if you build the agent in London, but it’s meant to be used in the US, it’s better to define the agent in the US time zone. You can always change the time zone and the name of your agent at any time.


Choose the language you wish your agent will understand. Each agent will only be able to communicate in only one language at a time, and this setting can not be changed. If you choose to change the agent’s language, all data and installed skills will be deleted from the agent.

Fallback number

Set a default number your agent will route to in cases of misunderstandings. You’ll need to define the fallback behavior at a later stage, but it’s a good idea to input a number that is always available, or at least available most of the time.

Fallback email

Define a valid email address that will get messages, call transcripts, call recordings and other valuable data.

Once you’re done filling in the data, your agent will be generated and you will be transferred to the agent’s “Installed Skills” page.