Monitor your calls in Real-time

The “Real-Time” tab is a powerful tool allowing supervisors to monitor calls in real-time, and to take over in cases your virtual agent is not sure what answer to deliver.

To start using the real-time feature, you’ll first need to login by clicking on the “Go online” button on the top right side of the screen.

Once you are online, you’ll start seeing live call transcription, call queue, and the list of possible intents that can be triggered.

Online/Pending calls

See how many live calls are currently running, and by which agent. The list of live calls presents the caller number and the active call duration.

You can also see the list of pending calls that await handling. You can filter this list by agent by choosing one agent from the drop-down menu above.

Live call

In the center of the screen you’ll see one live call at a time. You can inspect the call flow by reading the transcription in real-time, and jump in at any point by either choosing an intent from the intents list or typing the right response yourself from the text box at the bottom of the screen.

To do so, enable live chat by clicking on the button right next to the text box.